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Planting seeds in the hearts and homes of preschoolers

Taska Tulip is a Montessori nursery & play school for children which is strategically located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Our programmes are conducted in English. We have a very happy "family" atmosphere within which our teachers help every child develop to his/her potential. Plus, our premises offer a conducive & safe environment for your child and our philosophy is to provide for the holistic growth of the child. While this website aims to be a comprehensive guide to Taska Tulip, we always prefer direct contact with parents so that we can discuss each individual child's needs in full.

What We Offer

Our programmes cover all stages of early childhood development

  • Children up to the age of 2.5 years usually begin in this environment. "Fun" is the main focus in this age group. The children are assisted in developing and refining their motor skills whilst engaging in play with their friends and teachers. - the Montessori way of learning.

  • An indirect approach to learning is key here. Children pick up a wide vocabulary without realising they have done so. Activities are play based and so they thoroughly enjoy it. Ultimately achieving concentration, coordination, independence and a sense of order.

  • As they continue to develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally, the children are assisted with their writing and pre-reading skills. The aspect of association of numbers to quantities is also introduced to them in a "fun" and "exciting" way.

  • As the children get ready to begin formal schooling, they will learn to refine their reading and writing skills. It is important that they have self-confidence when they leave Taska Tulip and we are committed to equipping them for the next stage of learning.

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, at Taska Tulip we aim to take all precautionary steps to make our centre 'as safe as possible'. This document is meant to provide visibility on the measures Taska Tulip is taking to ensure protection of staff, children and families, in accordance with the regulations set by the approved authorities. Please click below to view the document.

Why Choose Us

There are people who say that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and there is much truth in this. Any parent who is looking for quality child or daycare centres must know that from the caregivers to the administrators, everyone involved helps shape a child's experience. It's no surprise that finding a good childcare centre is a prime concern; for many families, it's a safe, affordable option that allows their child to socialise and learn in a loving environment structured around their needs. At Taska Tulip, we are committed to making sure that your child has the best 'home away from home' environment and experience.

    What Parents Say

    Kind words do not cost much... yet they accomplish much

    • Ruth Miller

      After investigating all the kindergarten options in and around Bangsar area, it was a relief to find Taska Tulip. Although many other schools claim to follow the Montessori method, the atmosphere and attitude of the teachers and principal at Taska Tulip was the most loving and nurturing that we found. We believe the most important thing at this young age is to be surrounded by loving, caring and confident people - if your child is happy, he or she will learn easily without any pressure.

    • Marianne Peters

      My son was about 18 months when he started at Taska Tulip. I visited several preschools in Bangsar, but after I saw Taska Tulip and talked to the principal Geraldine, my search had come to an end. It took him only a couple of short days to get comfortable with the teachers and the routines. He is now 3,5 years old and even when he turned 3 and could have joined his sisters at Garden International School, I decided to keep him at Taska Tulip. They learn just as much and I didn't want to end his happy life there yet. He is proud of what he does, he is eager to learn and to show me what he knows at home. I already recommended this school to several friends and they are just as enthousiast. We are moving to Europe in a couple of months and I am very happy that my son could have his first years of schooling in this environment. I think it gave him a very positive start to move on. A big thanks to Geraldine and all the teachers!

    • Fiona R.

      Taska Tulip is an absolute gem of a kindergarten and offers a sincere, heartfelt environment for both parents and children. The staff genuinely care for the children and are sensitive to individual needs. My son Daniel loved his time there and was happy to go to school every day.

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